Community Sponsor

Centenary Tavern

Centenary Tavern is the unofficial 'clubhouse' for a number of local sporting teams - a place to re-convene after matches, sell raffle tickets, celebrate victories and commiserate losses.

Support from the community is a big part of St Cats. Centenary Tavern is doing what it can to support local sport by way of their sponsorship program.

If you picked up a sponsorship card at sign on, make sure you use it if you go to the CenTen. Mention 'St Cats' while using the sponsorship card when paying for meals and drinks at the Tavern. St Cats will receive 5% of your tab as a donation to the club.

Not only will you get 5% off yourself (bargin, something for nothing), but 5% of whatever you spend will be donated to St Cats. Everything allocated to St Cats is banked up and every quarter our club will be presented with a cheque. Watch this space we will let you know how we go.

If you are a frequent customer of Centenary Tavern and would like a card please contact Mark Spicer via email and he will meet you at the pub for a beer and hand you a shiny new sponsorship card.