About Us

Our Club

St Catherine's United Football Club (St Cats) is an incorporated non-profit organisation owned by its members. The operation of St Cats is governed by a constitution that provides for administration by a Management Committee formed from the membership. The grounds at Peter Lightfoot Oval in the western suburbs used by St Cats are the property of the Brisbane City Council and are leased by Centenary Combined Sporting Association of which St Cats is a member.

Our Mission

  • Foster, develop and encourage the sport of soccer for the benefit of players of all ages in the Centenary suburbs.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to enjoy playing football and to develop their abilities as a player.
  • Foster and encourage good sportsmanship and a sense of friendly competition between all concerned.
  • To insist that all players, parents and team officials abide by the Aussie Sports Code of Behaviour and the rules of the Queensland Christian Soccer Association.
  • To encourage players, coaches, managers and parents to conduct themselves in a manner that the club would be proud to say that the person belongs to our club.
  • To improve the well being of the Centenary community by providing a medium for a wide cross section of players and their families to form new friendships.
  • To encourage participation in the worship and undertakings of the Christian Gospel.

Queensland Christian Soccer Association

We want parents & players to enjoy the game as well and we see no place for unruly behaviour. St Cats teams play under By-Laws administered by Queensland Christian Soccer Association (QCSA) and Federation International Football Association (FIFA), the governing body of football that sets the rules and guidelines for all competitions which we are obliged to follow. QCSA is responsible for organising details of the fixtures draw, player insurance, dispute resolution, & liaison with Football Queensland.