Manager Role

Make sure you are up to date with current Infomation sheets.

Essentially, the manager is the Number 1 contact person for the team for communicating any and all information between the club and team players and families. These are the main points you will need to be aware of:

Match cards are available via your draw page from the Thursday before your game on the QCSA website for teams U9 and older. Click which players will be playing and their shirt number. Sign where indicated and co-sign the opposition team card. On the opposition match card answer the questions where required and deliver to the referee before the game starts. It is important that Match cards are mpleted correctly. The club will be fined per card for incorrectly completed cards. The Player ID number can be found on the Team ID sheet, which you need a keep copy to show the opposition manager at the start of the game.

Results are to be texted to Results Manager on 0450 447 139 immediately after your game has finished.

Uniforms - all players must wear the correct uniform including club shorts, team jersey, clubs socks, shin pads and studded shoes/boots.

Away Jerseys - If your team is playing at home, and there is a clash with the opposition Jersey colour i.e. predominantly red, then it is the responsibility of the manager to organise the "alternative" or "away" strip. These strips are white. To organise the away strip you need to get in touch with the equipment officer (, and organise collection of the jerseys. They need to be washed and returned to the equipment officer the following Wednesday for the next team. You can check the opposition colours on the QCSA draw results

Field addresses - can be confirmed here

Referees - referees are supplied for games U9s and over. Occasionally a referee may request a spectator to act as Linesperson, though this is not common.

Junior Referees - referees for U6 to U8 are required to referee their own game. Best idea is to roster parents, unless there is someone willing and able to ref every week.

Fruit/Washing jerseys - most teams will organise to share the responsibility of this taking turns. Draw up a roster for your team.

Ensure all team members are aware of your field set up day, as this covers your Participation levy for the year.

Keep up to date via Facebook and website. The club has both a public and closed FB pages. You will need to request to join the closed page.

For more information see the Coach & Manager Information Guidelines.