Insurance And Player Injuries


The Queensland Christian Soccer Association (QCSA) on behalf of all affiliated Clubs, insures against three types of risk. These are:

  • Liability (Public Liability & Products Liability)
  • Personal Injury
  • Management Liability

As a QCSA affiliated Club, St Catherine's United Football Club is covered by these policies.

Personal Injury Insurance

It is highly likely that the only element of our insurance cover that we may need to access will relate to personal injury. This cover is defined in the policy as:
"Bodily injury sustained by an insured person whilst actively engaged in playing or practicing for the sport..."

What do you need to do as a Coach or Manager in regard to injuries ?

It is the team Coach or Manager's responsibility to report injuries incurred by players or a coach while playing or practicing. Please decide in each team, whether Coach or Manager will undertake this task throughout the season.

This reporting is done through an on-line form located in the My Club Mate (MCM) database.

The Manager or Coach can access the report form as follows:

  • Logon to MCM through the St Cats home page.
  • Select Injury Report from the menu.
  • Select Create New Injury Report and fill in the details.
  • Select Add New Injury Report at bottom right of screen.

Use the Injury Report form on MCM to report all injuries of any significance. If in doubt, submit a report. If you do need to submit a report, please do so prior to the next match wherever possible, while details of the incident are fresh in your mind.

What cover does the Personal Injury Insurance provide?

As a Coach or Manager you will probably be asked that question.

Details of the cover can be found on the QCSA home page and can be accessed as follows::

  • Logon to QCSA website at:
  • Select the Information button.
  • Select the Insurance button from the drop down menu.

This page includes the following attachments:

  • Claim Form
  • Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Personal Injury Insurance Certificate
  • Association Policy Cover

What to do if the reported injury results in claimable expenses?

If as a consequence of an injury, claimable expenses are incurred then access the Claim Form mentioned above on the QCSA website. Discuss this with the adult player or the parent of a junior player and have them fill in the information on Page 1 of the form.

The adult player or parent of a junior player will then be required to arrange completion of any relevant elements in the balance of the form including Doctor or Employer statements.

The completed form should then be submitted to the Club Secretary ( for Club endorsement and transmission to the Insurer.

Points to remember

As stated previously, use the Injury Report form on MCM to report all injuries of any significance. If in doubt, submit a report. Remember that most reported injuries will not result in a formal insurance claim, as a consequence of the limitations of the cover.

Familiarise yourself with the broad details of the cover and carry copies with you for the information of injured players or their parents in the case of junior players.