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Centenary Pool Mart

StCentenary Pool Mart is the Local Pool Shop Based in Westlake at the Hub Shopping Centre on the corner of Westlake Drive and Penong Street.

Locally Owned and Operated by Experienced Technicians and Water Experts, Centenary Pool Mart is a privately owned business which makes us different from the other Franchised Pool Shops in 4074.

Centenary Pool Mart has been operating in the 4074 area since the early 90’s, helping locals care for their pools and Offering great advice and maintenance tips.

Whether it’s a Pool Clean and Service you require at home or you want to get your pool water tested we have you covered with our experienced team. We offer Free in store water tests, chemistry advice and affordable onsite Pool Maintenance. Centenary Pool Mart Specialise in Pool Equipment Repairs and Upgrades and have a huge range of Pool Equipment on display in the Westlake Store.

If you are looking for Professional Pool Cleaning Services carried out by Pool Technicians that have a huge amount of experience in all aspects of pool maintenance and repairs - Call on Centenary Pool Mart when you need Crystal Clear Advice!

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